North Carolina

July 27-31, 2020
(Orientation July 26)

O’Connor Method String Camp is a music instruction camp for violin and strings based on the O’Connor Method. This camp uses American music, creativity, cultural diversity, and improvisation to improve learning for both children and adults who want to take string lessons while enjoying and excelling at music. The camp provides group lessons, string orchestra, and a host of various electives from tune writing to dancing and singing. The goal of the O'Connor Method is to learn to play string instruments through the use of the rich and diverse styles of American music. There are both solo and orchestral tracks of the Method using the same literature in the fist two books, and often times they intersect with children taking the Method. It could simply be one or the other, as these tracks can work independently by design. Some kids will have private lessons at home, and some will just receive the O’Connor Method through orchestra programs at school.

A Word From Mark O'Connor:

Co-Directors Mark and Maggie O'Connor
"The O’Connor Method is designed to guide students gradually through the 
development of pedagogical and musical techniques necessary to become a 
proficient, well-rounded musician through a carefully planned succession of 
pieces. Gradual development of left-hand technique, bowing skill and ear
training as revealed through the study of beautiful music encourages a love 
of music-making in a slow, steady and natural way.

The music that I have collected for the O'Connor Method includes some of the 
most endearing melodies in American music as well as some of the great folk 
fiddle tunes that have endured our 400 year-old history of violin playing. I 
have made it a specific feature of the Method to include musical literature that
represents all of the Americas -Mexico, Canada and every region of the United
States – and all musical styles – classical, folk, Latin, jazz, rock and ragtime.
I have chosen and arranged material that will be both instructive and artistically
enriching, and will help create the future classical violinist, folk fiddler, jazz musician- or all three!" -Mark O'Connor

Participate by registering in one of the following camp sections:

A Camp

B Camp

Books III & IV Level (Intermediate/Advanced)

Books I & II Level (Beginner)

(Ages 8 & up + Adults). 
(Ages 7 & up + Adults). 
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Half-Day Camp

Teacher Training

For young students (Beginner)

For teachers and music education students offered at the Fundamental Level (Book I and Book II) or Teacher Training Advanced Level (Book III and Book IV). You must have taken training at the Fundamental level to take the training at the advanced level. 

(Ages 4-7 only). 
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What kinds of classes will be offered in the A and B Camps?    
Orchestra A (open to all instruments - must read music)
Dancing (dance steps to the various American genres)  
Chamber Music (open to all instruments - must read music)  
Write Your Own Tune (open to all instruments - must read music)
Chording & Chopping (open to all instruments)
Improvisation for Violins (violins only)
Improvisation for Violas (violas only)
Improvisation for Cellos (cellos only) 
Irish/Scottish Fiddling 
Bluegrass/Old-time Fiddling (violins only) 
Jazz/Swing (open to all instruments)
How to Jam (small group - open to all instruments)
Mandolin (some experience necessary, bring your own instrument)
Guitar (some experience necessary, bring your own instrument)
Singing (learn to sing in American musical styles)

Students will find they have free periods during which they can do arts and crafts, jam with friends, and create small bands or ensembles. 

*Your elective choices will be taken into consideration for the final scheduling, which can not be changed*

Each Student is required to take two core classes focusing on O'Connor Method materials, one being a group class and the other being a masterclass. 

Each student will also choose two electives to take throughout the week.
For example, in the A Camp each student will choose two electives from the following:
The rest of the events (3pm-6pm) for the day are optional for A and B Camp students, but highly encouraged! The daily All Camp Orchestra places the faculty in the first desks of each string section, and additional faculty and teacher trainees in seating assignments, each with an empty chair to their side to be filled by students at various levels and of any age to create a 100-piece string orchestra and a unique learning experience! Repertoire is from O'Connor Method Orchestra Book II. Each day ends with a Student Recital and Jam Session, during which the students play for each other – often sharing their recent creations that happened during class or free time that day. Parents and chaperones are also encouraged to come to these optional daily activities. Underage students not participating in these optional activities need to be picked up by their chaperone for the day.

Thursday Evening is the Student Electives Concert

Friday Evening is the Student "Playdown"
A New American School of String Playing
Here is a history of the American tunes selected for the O'Connor String Playing Method. Written by Mark O'Connor for the book series and can also be seen here online: